January 24, 2021

Applications Now Live for the Citizens' Institute on Rural Design

The Citizens’ Institute on Rural Design™ will offer four local Design Workshops that address specific community challenges, and an online Design Learning Cohort program that will allow up to 15 communities.

Read the Request for Applications here.

All rural communities of 50,000 or less are eligible to apply for the CIRD local Design Workshop and Design Learning Cohort opportunities. Workshops should plan to follow local health safety guidelines and virtual workshop options are available. We encourage applications from nonprofits, tribal or municipal governments, regional planning organizations, and other community partners. We hope to hear from a variety of rural communities from a wide range of backgrounds, geographies, and capacities.

Review the guidelines and eligibility information. Submitted applications will be reviewed for both hosting a local Design Workshop and for inclusion in the Design Learning Cohort unless the applicant specifies otherwise. Read the Learning Cohort prospectus for more information about this program.

For more information, please watch our informational webinar on February 9th at 2:00 PM Eastern.

You can also join us for open office hours through Facebook during the week of February 15th and the week of March 1st. Check our Facebook page for more details.

If you are a rural development practitioner, please share this opportunity widely with colleagues and community leaders in rural areas who might be interested in applying.

The Citizens' Institute on Rural Design™ is a National Endowment for the Arts leadership initiative in partnership with the Housing Assistance Council.