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Understanding and Reaching Your Community: Doing a Community Network Analysis

Full resource:  Community Network Analysis

Date published: 2013
Source: Orton Family Foundation
Author: Orton Family Foundation

This guide helps to identify the people and organizations which can either support or be influenced by community projects. It provides a framework for doing a stakeholder analysis, describing how to tap into different demographics in your community, and for making use of the connections among different community groups.

The guide takes users through seven steps. The first, Knowing Your Demographics, offers resources for examining your community’s demographics, and allowing you to check whether you are being inclusive in your project.  Through the use of questions and charts, Identifying Stakeholders and Identifying Your Community Networks helps you understand who your project affects and the networks which could contribute to it. The guide then walks you through identifying the opportunities, resources and connections of those networks. These steps include Identify Your Network Connectors, Identify Communication Opportunities, Identify Network Resources, and Understand Connections of Networks to your Project.

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