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Tri-Town Partnerships: North Fork Vision 2020

Full Resource: North Fork Valley Heart & Soul

Date published: 2012
Source: Orton Family Foundation
Author: Orton Family Foundation

Summary: The three towns of Paonia, Hotchkiss and Crawford, CO recognize that their economic future lies in working together and generating interest in the assets of the entire valley. There are many challenges. With a population of only 7000, they need to combat  significant external influences that could potentially affect the economic and social development of this area over the next ten years, including oil and gas production, closing and opening of coal mines, market demand for agricultural products, an aging population, and technology infrastructure upgrades.

This case study is drawn from the Orton Family Foundation’s Heart & Soul community planning program, an approach that engages citizens in land use planning as a pathway to vibrant, enduring communities.

This project aims to identify and translate the values of a tri-town community into a shared vision that will drive their unique economic development, increase social cohesion and provide a framework for effective decision-making.  A partnership process has provided an opportunity to help unify the community and find a path to a strong, sustainable future. The community has now developed a project called North Fork Vision 2020, in which citizens have identified opportunities to discuss and emphasize their collective strengths and to market a North Fork Experience aimed at improving their waning economy.

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