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Straightforward Tools for Transportation Planning

Full resource: Identifying and Planning for Transportation Needs
Date published: Unknown
Source: Montana Department of Transportation
Author: Montana Department of Transportation

While transportation planning can be a complex task, it is an opportunity for many forms of engagement, improving community vitality, and revitalization of the built environment through design.

The Montana Department of Transportation has collated a range of useful resources for communities involved in transportation planning. 15 tools have been provided, including for planning and analysis, evaluation, community engagement, collaborating with transportation-related agencies and organizations, and public involvement. Each tool is succinctly described, with steps to getting started, guidance as to who should use it, how it should be used, keys to success, possible pitfalls, cases studies where it has successfully been applied, as well as the level of difficulty and cost. A number of case studies have also been included which feature tools for identifying and planning transportation needs.

The page has been published as a part of the Montana DOT’s Resources for Growing Communities page. The page includes a number of additional tools and resources for dealing with transportation, land use and development.

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