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Picking Your Partners For Community Planning

Full resource: Quick Guide: Building Partnerships For Heart & Soul Community Planning

Date published: 2011

Source: The Orton Family Foundation

This quick guide takes users through strategies for developing viable partnerships for community planning projects. A strong, healthy partnership between organizations or individuals can bolster resources, talent and energy, although a weak or dysfunctional partnership can just as easily be detrimental to a project.

The guide explains how to navigate three phases for building partnerships.

  1. Recruiting: where to find appropriate potential partners and how to attract their participation.
  2. Forming: strategies for clarifying the partnership framework, such as by defining and confirming the partnership structure, goals and expectations, and project elements (calendar, budget, etc).
  3. Maintaining: how to effectively track the work plan and budget, ensure regular feedback and communication, review the procedures and partnership structure, while remembering to celebrate the positive aspects of partnership, such as achievements and contributions.

A simple worksheet is also provided for doing project needs assessment and outlining partner responsibilities.

This guide is published to support the The Orton Family Foundation’s Heart & Soul community planning program, an approach that engages citizens in land use planning as a pathway to vibrant, enduring communities.

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