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The Path Towards A Smart Rural Community

Full resource: The Smart Rural Community
Date published: 2012
Source: National Telecommunications Cooperative Association - The Rural Broadband Association
Author: Jesse Ward

Rural communities are often disadvantaged by being geographically distant from resources readily available in urban areas, such as schools, health care providers, public safety institutions and commercial entities. This report explains how new technologies can be of enormous benefit to rural communities, where broadband networks are used to leverage greater interconnection for intra- and inter-community resources.

The report presents case studies which show how rural service providers and communities have successfully made use of these opportunities. For example, by establishing distance learning in education, networking medical knowledge and services, using new, cost-saving monitoring technologies in agriculture, supporting more effective policing strategies, improving access to government services, and making more efficient use of public utilities. It suggests that technology infrastructure should be a foundation element of all communities, although can only be implemented and managed through a long-term commitment to strategic work.

The report is produced by The National Telecommunications Cooperative Association - The Rural Broadband Association, the premier association representing nearly 900 independent, community-based telecommunications companies that are leading innovation in rural and small-town America.

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