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Orton Family Foundation: Outreach and Communications Resource Guide

Outreach and Communications
Outreach and Communications How to Spread the Heart & Soul Word, Orton Family Foundation
Date Published: 2016
This guide demonstrates how a great communications strategy gets off the ground. To lay the groundwork, first assemble a communications committee who will guide the process start to finish.
Then follow these seven steps detailed in the guide:
  1. Establish communication goals;
  2. Develop core messages and branding;
  3. Create an online presence;
  4. Prepare for communications activities; 
  5. Prepare a communications budget; 
  6. Track performance;
  7. Put it all together. 
This helpful tool includes a list of resources, with tips on how to write Op-Eds, assemble talking points, and provide answers to FAQs regarding your project.

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