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New Ways to ‘Do’ Politics: Tools for Public Engagement Beyond the Town Square.

Full resource: Resource Guide on Public Engagement

Date published: 2010
Source: National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation
Author: Sandy Heierbacher

Summary: This guidebook on public engagement features some of the best resources developed collaboratively by the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD), an active network and community of practice centered around conflict resolution and public engagement practices.

In fall 2010, NCDD members hosted regional events in Austin, Boston, Denver, Portland and the San Francisco Bay Area, connecting practitioners, public managers and community leaders to build local capacity in quality public engagement. The guidebook emerged as a companion to these events.

It defines public engagement, lists resources to get started, provides examples of models that work, outlines the core principles for public engagement, details how online engagement can be used effectively, explains why we need alternative ways to ‘do’ politics which move beyond town meetings, presents the user-friendly NCDD’s Engagement Streams Framework which helps people decide which types of approaches are the best fit for their circumstances, and concludes with case studies of successful public engagement efforts.


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