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Information is Power: a Communications Planning Workbook

Full resource: Communications Workbook

Date published: 2012
Source: Resource Media
Author: Sian Wu

The Communications Workbook is a simple, step-by-step approach for creating, executing and evaluating a communications strategy. It offers tools and ideas for different approaches, with helpful prompts, worksheets and a substantial glossary of tactics. The workbook also provides a budget chart and plan that can be filled out, as well as worksheets for the eleven key steps which users will follow.

The steps include: Goal - defining where you want to go and questions to ask; Research - working with your internal and external landscapes to stay grounded in reality during campaign development; Audience - defining who influences your decision makers; Values - identifying what your audiences really care about; Message - deciding what you are going to say; Messengers - determining the best person to say it; Target - how to get the message out; Tactics - the tools which can make it happen; ‘Reality check’ - developing a project scope which fits with existing resources; and Evaluation - understanding what has been learned after the project has ended.

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