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How to Harness Facebook for your Community

Full resource: Creating Community on a Facebook Page

Date published: 2011
Source: Community Organizer 2.0
Author: Amy Sample Ward

This blog post is presented by Community Organizer 2.0, a company specializing in digital engagement strategies through community organizing principles. In simple terms, it explains how Facebook can be used to create and support communities, with clear tactics, strategies and examples for evaluating and improving current use.

It’s a hands-on guide which emphasizes the value of trial and experimentation, and leads readers through 5 steps: a discovery phase for identifying existing fans and understand why they support your cause; creating opportunities for community through subgroups and leadership development, with suggestions for having subgroups feed into the Facebook Page as a path to creating community; optimizing messaging by crafting highly-relevant, community-building updates; taking a community-focused approach for setting up the Page; and finding your own community by identifying ideas and resources for better engagement.

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