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EPA's Local Foods, Local Places Toolkit

Full Resource: Local Foods, Local Places Toolkit

Date Published: October 2017

Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency

In October of 2017, encouraged by the National consumer demand to grow and develop local food systems in both rural and urban districts in the United States, the EPA released its toolkit entitled, “Local Foods, Local Places: A Guide to Help Communities Revitalize Using Local Food Systems.” The toolkit offers federal agency support aimed at community-driven planning processes. The focus of the report is to provide assistance and examples for the creation of future local food systems in the United States by outlining step-by-step strategies for organizational planning assistance and hosting community workshops that will lay the ground-work for future implementation. Three phases constitute the ‘Local Foods, Local Places’ planning process: (1) planning, (2) convening and (3) action. The toolkit outlines each phase in detail with thorough case study examples followed by a comprehensive Appendix of resources to assist planners and communities in achieving longevity and success in organizing and creating a local foods system that works for all stakeholders. 

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