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A DIY Guide to Placemaking in Your Neighborhood

Full resource: A Guide to Neighborhood Placemaking in Chicago

Date published: 2008
Source: Placemaking Chicago
Authors: Project for Public SpacesMetropolitan Planning Council Chicago

Summary: This guidebook is written for anyone who has a stake in the improvement of neighborhoods. It also is for people who will be managing and coordinating a Placemaking process, whether for a small corner, community center, park, street, or an entire neighborhood. It describes the process and steps for developing a Placemaking program and engaging citizens from the beginning of the project through its implementation- while also bringing in public, professional and technical resources in a supportive and creative way.

The goal of this guidebook is to teach Placemaking participants how to:

  • Define the basic elements that create a successful place.
  • Understand the role that successful community places play in neighborhood revitalization.
  • Recognize a successful place.
  • Learn to analyze a specific site.
  • Facilitate groups of local community leaders, residents and designers to work together on improving public spaces.
  • Develop a plan of immediate, short-term, and long-term actions to improve a site.
  • Approach place-related issues or problems differently in the future.

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