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Choosing Your Channels: How To Use Social Media Effectively

Full resource: Navigating The Changing Media Landscape

Date published: 2012

Source: Resource Media

Author: Nicole Lampe

Social media is an incredible tool for use in community-based work. It can help with advocacy by raising awareness and connecting with target audiences, be they funders, lawmakers or constituents. With use of mobile media steadily increasing, it becomes possible to communicate with your audience almost anytime, any place. This guide offers step-by-step instructions for using social media effectively, and more easily navigate the potentially overwhelming options available.

The guide suggests firstly establishing communication goals, before choosing the social media channel and then listening to existing spokespeople and conversations to understand how to frame messaging. It then describes different ways of presenting content, from storytelling, trying to inspire with positive content and solutions, using pictures, and being timely by responding to current events.

The guide is produced by Resource Media, a nonprofit PR firm which provides communications services and resources.

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