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Building Community Through Dialogue, Grassroots Grantmaking and Public Action

Full resource: CommunityMatters: Newport, Vermont: Connecting Community, Activating Change

Date published: 2013
Source: CommunityMatters
Authors: CommunityMatters and the Newport City Renaissance Corporation

This report is presented by the Newport City Renaissance Corporation and CommunityMatters, an alliance of leaders in the community building field. The report outlines the proceedings, action steps and learnings from CommunityMatters: Newport, Vermont, a community workshop held on February 4, 2013. The workshop was facilitated by CommunityMatters partners, and brought together representatives of Newport’s local government, business community, non-profit sector, service clubs and community volunteers. Together they aimed to develop a framework for improving community decision-making and problem-solving.  

The report can also be used as a guide, as it outlines principles and approaches for improving communities, along with many further resources which could support users in their work. These include:

  • The Power of Ten: Why Great Places are More Than the Sum of Their Parts, a placemaking approach for creating a vision for your community.
  • Building Community Through Engagement and Dialogue, which details three examples of communities engaging with each other in new and productive ways, along with tools that can be used to find common ground and shared understanding.
  • What Matters Most: Using Community Values in Decision Making helps prioritize actions, weigh options, and evaluate progress based on how well they protect or enhance your values. 
  • Grassroots Grantmaking and the Power of Collective Action is a resourcing approach that focuses on helping community-powered organizations turn possibilities into realities.
  • Engaging Citizens in Public Decision-Making and Problem-Solving provides digital engagement techniques and practices key to assessing a community’s needs, and for charting a course toward more productive and effective engagement.

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